About Entelyst

Why Entelyst?

There are a myriad of IT service providers, big, small, and in between that customers can choose from. However, when it comes to Enterprise Architecture, Cybersecurity, and Cloud, the service you receive is only as good as the person providing it to you, no matter what company badge they’re wearing. At Entelyst, we pride ourselves in the knowledge and expertise our highly trained and certified employees bring to our company. Let us bring the best and brightest that we have to offer to help you make your enterprise more secure, resilient, and scalable for the future.

Our mission is to be a trusted advisor and partner to our customers. We do this by developing and delivering unique best value solutions, consulting services, and technologies that meet our clients business critical needs. We create added value through quality and innovation.

Transparency, Innovation, and Partnership - we simply refer to this as our TIP.

  • Transparency - Our customers will know exactly what they are paying for and how our services will be delivered.
  • Innovation - We innovate, it’s in our DNA. We keep abreast of emerging and the latest technologies to ensure our customers are not left behind.
  • Partnership - We won’t settle for just being a go-to vendor for our customers, we want to be a true partner that is vested in their success just as much as they are.

Every company or organization must have a vision for the future. Our vision is quite clear, and that's to be the most innovative and customer focused IT consulting company in our industry.

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