Enterprise Architecture

Strategic development for your IT organization using industry best practices
customized to fit your business needs

IT Strategy Consulting

In most companies today, IT is primarily managed as a technical function to support the business. As a result, the IT systems, organization, and processes are not sufficiently aligned with the goals of the business to produce growth. With a focus on business as well as technology, our IT strategy consultants can facilitate development of a coherent IT strategy for the organization infusing innovation where needed and leveraging the latest technologies, methodologies, and processes. We can customize and right-size IT Strategies for any size of business, from small business startups to large and established enterprises.

Enterprise Archtiecture Flow

We start with a review of your organization's mission, vision, goals, and strategy for the business. We also provide analysis for how IT can enable new business models or transform existing ones.

Then we assess the health of the current IT environment, including the IT Infrastructure and applications portfolio. Our SWOT analysis will help identify areas of strength, improvement, and potential pitfalls.

Every company has a small or long list of issues & projects that stand in the way of progress. We will identify & prioritize these areas in a manner that is consistent with the business objectives & show a coherent view of the future IT environment.

Once the critical areas that require immediate attention are identified, we turn our attention to creating the vision of what your IT organization needs to be. This stage can also include the “art of the possible” workshops, where our experienced consultants explore innovative technologies have the most relevance to your business.

We define the individual initiatives of the IT strategy and weave them into the strategic narrative: a story of where your IT organization is going and how it's going to get there. The final deliverable includes a complete project portfolio, budgetary estimates, and business case for the major initiatives needed to reach the goal.

Solutions Architecture Services

- Customized Solutions Design & Architecture -

In today’s uber-competitive business climate, IT organizations are under constant pressure to reduce expenses, improve efficiency and add new capabilities. Legacy modernization, cloud adoption and mobility are just a few of the technology challenges business face. Whether it’s a multi-tiered complex technology rollout or a small system integration effort, Entelyst’s TOGAF certified seasoned architects can develop clear designs and architecture documents using today’s most effective tools and methods. We provide three types of architecture services.

Custom Architecture

Whether your organization is a government agency or a commercial entity and you are implementing new technology or drastically changing an existing system, application, or network, we can provide accurate and detailed design blue prints to ensure that the work is completed correctly.

Technical Proposal Support

This service is specifically for government contracting companies that require IT Solutions design and development assistance to pursue new RFP’s, Re-competes, and/or Task Orders. Entelyst can provide short term or long term IT architects to help your BD Capture Teams develop technical proposals.

Architecture Led Engineering

Our architecture services don’t stop at delivering the design blue prints. Our architects can support you to ensure successful deployment, incorporating proven methodologies for coding, system integration and application test. Entelyst specializes in using the V-Model for Systems Engineering and Verification.