Cloud Consulting

DevOps focused consulting services with expertise in automation, migration, deployment and security in the cloud.

Cloud Transformation

The rapid pace of Cloud development, implementation, and constant iteration has significant implications for business. The biggest challenge organizations face in cloud adoption is the complexity of their current business strategy and IT architectures. Cloud transformation services from Entelyst simplify cloud adoption and helps meet your company's business and IT goals with a cohesive and actionable cloud strategy along with a detailed roadmap for implementation.

We have a successful track-record of enabling success for organizations on the transformational journey to the Cloud, either at the start, in the middle, or even near the end of the finish line of an implementation.

Automation increase your organization’s speed, reliability, and efficiency. By integrating a CI/CD deployment pipeline, releasing software is a reliable, low-risk proposition. We automate your entire cloud infrastructure using the latest tools from AWS CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef, and Docker. From server provisioning and configuration management, to application deployment and continuous integration, Entelyst will help automate your entire cloud infrastructure.

Our Cloud consultants are experts in mission-critical enterprise-scale application development on AWS. We offer a complete range of architecture, delivery, and application modernization blueprints and tools to help your organization develop software more effectively on AWS. Entelyst can help develop powerful and highly-available cloud applications using proven and cutting-edge cloud technologies. We can also adapt your legacy applications to run on the cloud.

Our consulting services are designed to guide organizations to a model of continuous delivery by leaving manual processes behind and embracing an automated, collaborative, and agile way of working. This approach allows our customers to get their software into the hands of their users more frequently and reliably by fully automating their applications’ deployment pipelines. With our capability to deploy DevOps focused cloud architectures on AWS, Entelyst can help your organization achieve the real benefits of cloud.

Moving to the cloud is an important step in leveraging the benefits of cost efficiency, agility, and scalability that this technology offers. We have a long track record of successful infrastructure and application migrations for clients of all sizes in wide variety of industries. We have years of experience with migration strategies, portability, configuration options, and ultimately, what migration approach is right for the requirements of your business or organization.

Cloud Consulting and Services

- Accelerate your product development & delivery -

Entelyst's DevOps services introduce cultural changes, best practices, and new technologies to improve collaboration between business, development, and operations to create an agile application lifecycle. Our AWS certified cloud engineers and architects are fully committed to help guide organizations through a full transition to the AWS Cloud or to simply help make it possible to deploy, run, and manage applications that results in higher quality, more innovative services, and faster delivery.

DevOps Services

DevOps is making software development and deployment a continuous cycle, enabling organizations to continuously rollout new features faster than ever, and massively reducing time to production. Entelyst offers an end-to-end automation solution for DevOps. Our customizable DevOps framework is built on industry best practices and allows us to implement only the required processes, thereby avoiding additional overhead.

Cloud Operations

Entelyst's managed cloud services allow seamless management of a highly available hybrid Cloud environment with our expert advise on assessment, onboarding, operational processes, and implementation. Our unified approach to cloud transformation delivers an effective framework that integrates people, process, tools, and technology to help your organization accelerate their cloud adoption and migration strategy.

Cloud Security & Compliance

DevOps is a rapidly maturing practice. As such, meeting FedRAMP and FISMA related compliance requirements as part of the Security Accreditation and Authorization (SA&A) process requires additional steps in the CI/CD pipeline. Our DevSecOps practice delivers comprehensive security expertise that includes the execution of automated scanning tools and manual security review processes that facilitate secure deployment of your data and applications in the cloud.